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Leadership, HR, Organizational Effectiveness

Everyone wants to bring their whole-self to work. In today’s office culture, the lines between personal and work can get blurred. How can individuals and leaders help encourage civility and focus? In this course, leading experts in HR, leadership, and workplace culture — Don Gilman, PHD; Bianca Lager; Mary Kennett; Joel Perez; James Joyce III— provide you with important methods and best-practices to handle political discussion in the workplace. Learn how to better navigate political topics, learn what’s appropriate for work, how to work alongside those you may disagree with, and how to encourage a thriving, productive culture at work.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction

    • 1. Politics are here to stay

  • 1. Addressing Politics at Work

    • 1. The EGO Method

    • 2. Fostering respect in teams

    • 3. Crafting respectful policies

    • 4. Politics in remote workspaces

  • 2. Leadership's Role

    • 1. When leaders get political

    • 2. Advice for leaders

    • 3. Yes, you should have a policy around politics

    • 4. Valuing passionate employees

  • 3. Best Practices

    • 1. Political affiliation bias

    • 2. Approaching with empathy

    • 3. Encountering divisive opinions

    • 4. Disagreement vs. harassment

    • 5. Agreeing to Disagree

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